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I am a fisherman for life,
I will always be a fisherman
It is not something I do,
It is who I am
Fishing is not an escape,
It is where I belong,
Where I am supposed to be
It is not a place,
But a lifelong journey
It is a passage my grandfather showed me,
And one that I will show others.
Keep A Tight Line!

I've had a number of anglers inquire about the "ledge fishing" here on the Delta. One day last week, my client captured this fish I caught on the first cast to a ledge. On this day, the bigger fish were very active and jumpin on that GunPowder jig right away.The vid is not the best quality, but if ya view the back ground you'll get an idea of what we're fishing. The still picture to follow is of much better quality. On this particular ledge, it's off a point on the outside of Frank's Tract. At the base of the tulles, it's only 3 feet. The flat of the ledge comes out about 15 feet away from the tulle line, then drops into 22 feet of water. The pitch was made to the base of the tulles, once it hit bottom, I hopped and popped it about 5 times until it hit the grass line right on top of the break into deeper water. Once coming thru the grass, it started to fall off into the deeper drop and that fish snapped it right away. I never felt the bite, yet with that 25# Berkeley Fluoro, I saw the line jump and take off slightly and swung fer the fence. Most anglers here will sit way up on top of the flat pitching and flippen to the visible cover in the tulles, when in fact ya need to back way out past the drop off and give yourself enough room to pitch shallow, work thru that shallow flat for any shallow aggressive fish, then fish out past the ;edge to those neutral and negative fish that are sitting right under yer boat.Those neutral and negative fish out deeper will strike yer bait if it is presented to them, yet if yer on top of em fishing too shallow all the time, looking for an easy fish, yer missing out on a greater number of potential bites than always fishing shallow here.
2 years ago
3 years ago