Bugtopia The Zoo


Bugtopia is a family owned small zoo with an emphasis on interactivity and affordable fun for the entire family.
95% of the animals in our zoo are rehomed
£7.50 adult. £6.50 children/seniors. £3.75 carers with id

10 months ago
NEW ANIMAL! Say hello to Anna the raccoon dog! Puppy our resident raccoon dog has been loving the bachelor life here at Bugtopia zoo but our keepers have noticed he's been showing signs of loneliness in recent months, not surprising as these social canines mate for life once they find a perfect match. So that's where Anna comes in, several weeks ago we acquired this gorgeous girl from a collection all the way up near Doncaster and since then she has stayed in our off show quarantine. Introducing any pair of wild animals is not easy and our keepers dedicated the past few weeks very carefully playing matchmaker for the betrothed, offering each the others bedding and shed fur so they could get information on one another much the way this species would in the wild (think pen pals only you send used laundry and old bedding instead of letters and photos!) Earlier this week the magical (but very tense) moment arrived and we introduced Anna to Puppy, the result was beyond perfect as you can see in the video, communicating, following, grooming and playing with each other with no signs of aggression or distress, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Keepers report both are settling in well at home in their natural enclosure (complete with swampy pool) and while we may not be hearing the patter of tiny raccoon dog feet, (we aren't allowed to breed this species due to their risk as an invasive species, so we gave puppy a little ✂ procedure prior to obtaining Anna) puppy has waved the single life goodbye and found himself some 'Puppy love' 💕💕
12 months ago