The Cave at GWG


This Page is managed by Business Education 11/12 students.

We are a student-run business located at the heart of GWG. Our management team consists of students from Business Education 11/12. At The Cave, we put what we learn into practice.

Our financial goals are rooted in community. We hope to fundraise for school departments via special events, microfinance 3rd World business ventures (, and work with the Leadership class to make other charitable donations. Our plans may include funding small, interest-free loans to qualified GWG students interested in starting a summer business. The main portion of funds will be invested into the Applied Skills programs at the school. We have also made the commitment to repay 50% of the renovation costs.

If you have any ideas or feedback you'd like to share, we'd love to hear them! Post on our Wall or on Twitter @GWGTheCave. For all other business-related inquiries, please contact us by email or phone.

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JOB APPLICATIONS: All senior GWG students (grades 10-12) are welcome to apply to The Cave, but preference will first go to students in Business Education 11/12. You must be 16 by the time you begin work in The Cave. Qualified Resource students will also assist in regular retail operations in conjunction with FoodSafe certified students & EA staff.

To qualify for paid shifts at school events, students must master regular school-day customer service and be FoodSafe (Level 1) certified. Should specialized latte equipment be added, students must also have proficient barista skills.

Further information on training & certification will be posted when available.

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Customer Support Email: [email protected]

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