Maaya Sudar Oli Urumi Melam Maayakaran


To book us,Send us a private message via facebook. We will get back to you ASAP with the booking details and contact number. Thank you (:

Formed up in 2006, a few of us came together to come up with Maaya Sudar Oli Urumi Melam.. We made many frens and foes along the way, but due to god's grace, we are still going on strong into our 7th year.

We formed this group for the sole purpose of Sevai (service to god). Young indian boys coming together despite many differences and producing the same sound!

We have appeared in media, radio, drama, musicals, narpani, chingay, parties, opening of shops, chinese prayers and indian prayers and many more. We aim to make ppl aware about the beauty of urumi melam and its power of music.

Please support urumi melam and let this art grow.

Maayakaran Thunai...