Gentlemen's Corner Barber Shop

Barber Shop

Modern and Classic Haircuts. Beard Trims and Hot Towel Shaves.

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Located in the New Hartford Shopping Center. New Hartford NY.

It’s been a whole week since the greatest closer in baseball history Mariano Rivera flew to Syracuse to take pictures and sign autographs for his fans. An extreme amount of hard work went into making this once in a lifetime event happen. We would like to take a moment to thank those involved. I always thank my wife first and for good reason. Without her support I wouldn’t have the strength to do what we do. I come up with some risky ideas and she always backs me no matter what. I’m very proud of my friend Vincent Carfagno of Cooperstown Connection. This event was many years in the making. It’s because of his determination and hard work that this even happened. We’ve done so much in just one short year. I look forward to future events and some how, figuring out one day, if it’s possible to top this. The Cooperstown Connection team is always on point. They’re flawless together. I really enjoy working with you guys. The Marketing Department and Security team at Destiny USA, Wow. You guys exceeded every expectation. Aiden McGuire thank you for everything. Thank you to Brandon Steiner and everyone we worked with at Steiner Sports. As well as everyone at WKTV, 97.9/105.5 Kiss-Fm, KROCK, and L.B. Security. A special thank you to Matt Ossowski and DirtyJerz Images. You guys do incredible work. Vinnie and I are usually so busy working we mostly see the overall events from your videos and photos afterward. Thank you to the guys at GCBS for always being involved and making sure these events are always a success. Thank you to Mariano Rivera for living up to his reputation and being such a gentleman to us and everyone who attended our event. Most importantly Thank you. Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket, who shared a post or tagged a friend. Thank you to everyone who supports us as we continue to bring celebrities and athletes to Central New York.
2 years ago