Fulbari Mistanno Bhandar


Fulabari Mistanno Bhandar - The Actual, Oldest and 100% Pure maker of famous sweet "LALMOHON". Our quality of sweets make us famous.

Mr. Ratan Ghosh's Fulbari Mistanno Bhandar is The Actual, Oldest and 100% Pure maker of famous sweet "LALMOHON". Our quality of sweets make us famous.

Being a 50 year old organization, we never compromise with the qulaity of our products. This always makes us proud. We never used any chemicals, artificial flavour or color in our sweets. This makes us Unique and Best in Class.

Bengali Sweets are always famous. The reason is original Bengali Sweet Does not contain any artificial elements like flavour, color etc. These are made from pure milk. The usage of Natural Products are not only the reason for the unique taste of Bengali Sweets. The technique which is used to prepare sweets is the main thing. This technique is not an open secret or written on document. This knowledge was transferred by generation of bengali sweet makers and only their family members can able to prepare a good bengali sweet.

Fulbari Mistanno Bhandar is similar type of bengali sweet maker. This organization is famous for its renowned sweet "LALMOHON". The founder Mr. Manindra Nath Ghosh was born in Bangaldesh. Later he came from Bangladesh and statrted his venture in Fulbari named Fulabri Mistanno Bhander more than 50 years ago. He leraned the procedure of making "LALMOHON" from his earlier generation and now this has been continued by his son Mr. Ratan Ghosh. The uniqueness of his "LALMOHON" is, it does not contain any artificial component. Even the the color of the sweet also came from its prepartion. The quality and the taste of the "LALMOHON" made in Fulbari Mistanno Bhandar, is so popular that entire people of North Bengal when looking for "LALMOHON" for their dream program, their first and final choice is Fulbari Mistanno Bhandar. This makes us Proud and Famous. It is our biggest achievement to be a part of people's happiness by our own made sweets !!!

Apart from "LALMOHON", Fulbari Mistanno Bhandar also maker of other sweets. They also make pure "Gur Rasogolla". As we know the availability of Gur is seasonal so the "Gur Rasogolla" made by Fulbari Mistanno Bhandar is also season specific. Apart from that other generic sweets, dry sweets and also few Namkeen items also made here. But one thing that should be keep in mind that all products made here are from using pure items. So you will get unique taste and quality on each items which made here.