Sigekiya Ramen PH

Ramen Restaurant

SIGEKIYA is a ramen shop from Yokohama that is very popular among Filipinos. We are serving the best ramen & tsukumen that will make you a ramen lover :)

Sigekiya Ramen was established five years ago in Yokohama, Japan by Ramen Master Sugizaki. It became very popular among Filipinos working and living in Yokohama because of its very delicious taste and the good customer service of Sugizaki-san. Sigekiya Ramen became the common meeting place of Filipinos who love ramen. Sugizaki-san loves Filipinos and he owes the growth of his ramen shop to Filipinos. Opening Sigekiya Ramen in the Philippines is a realization of his dream to meet more Filipinos and make them happy thru his ramen.