Rivah Jordan


Official Facebook Page for Rivah Jordan. sound Killaz Music Recording Artist, Musician, BeatMaker and Producer.

Having the ability to perform most tasks neccessary for today's musician, like graphic design, video making and editing, engineering, mixing , mastering, playing instruments and making riddims, beats or music, writing and voicing songs amongst other talents, Rivah Jordan brings a broad display of creativity to most situations concerning or surrounding his passion: Music.
This page represents the shaping of and directing all these talents to build a product and an artist, Rivah Jordan, out of the seemingly endless possibilities Jordan Bailey has to offer.
The chosen direction is one that reflects his musical influences and upbringing, and having realised good things come to those who wait, he has been patiently developing his abilities, and waiting for opportunities to display his talent.
His mastering in recent years of the Reggae grooves he heard his father playing for most of his life, mixed with the youthful flame of the modern styles of dancehall and hip hop he has been practicing for years puts him in a very good position to deliver music as he "intends it to sound".
His intention is to bring Roots and Culture back into the dance and portray his views on modern Hip Hop and Dancehall, while at the same time trying to be true to himself lyrically, and portray the highest aspect of any genre of music he puts his mind to. Be it as a vocalist, musician, producer, photographer or other.