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The hookah cafe bar lounge in stockton ca

Conveniently located at 4641 Pacific AVE Stockton is the perfect spot to have a good time with good people. We offer several different flavors"30"+ TURKISH COFFEE+Free WIFI
A hookah, also referred to as Shisha, Argila, and what we call it, Narghile is a water pipe used for smoking herbal fruits or flavored tabacco. Gaining immense popularity in the Middle East well over 500 years ago, the hookah is still part of a respected tradition that provides a notable, relaxing and sociable experiance. While these devices range from effective simple designs to large intricate pieces of art, the objective of the hookah is to purify and cool the smoke emitted from the tobacco and herbs providing a unique and flavorful wonder.

The construction of the Hookah is a simple yet effective device consisting of a bowl, plate, body and the base jar. These pieces are usually constructed of glass, acrylic, wood, and various metals. Hookahs may also have several hoses (usually 1-4) which allow for greater social exchange. Most cafés in the Middle East serve hookahs as a normal practice, however, in the West they are just recently growing in massive popularity. The fruit tobacco is the most important part of the Hookah containing true to their taste fruits and other various flavors. Our fruit tobacco is STARBUZZ , FANTASIA and gives a smooth feel and no dizziness that traditional cigarettes have.
Turkish coffee is really all about socializing and relaxing. It also makes a fantastic after meal drink (because it is known to help in the digestion process) and is an anti carcinogen!

Here at The Hookah cafe we view the Hookah as an instrument that allows people to just sit down and relax and have a piece of mind. Socialize with friends, watch a movie, play a game, read a book, anything you can just sit and relax and enjoy the smooth taste and aroma of the Hookah. WE offer over 30 Flavours