Office Dynamics

Business Service

Executive and Administrative Assistant Training and Development

Office Dynamics, based in Las Vegas, has been a vanguard in training and development for progressive employers and success-minded professionals throughout North America since 1990. We are guided by a singular mission. We're proud to say this mission has literally transformed the corporate cultures of some of the world's most prestigious businesses and organizations - and it's touched the lives of thousands of people.

Office Dynamics was founded by CEO Joan Burge -- one of the first advocates for the administrative profession and a bona fide business success story. An executive since the early 1990, she spent 20 years working her way to the top -- starting as a receptionist, and eventually supporting mid-size and Fortune 500 companies until she serviced in the executive administrative positions and launched her own company. Having worked on "both sides of the desk," Joan infuses that rare perspective into every aspect of the business -- and it's a primary reason our clients keep relying on us for training and development opportunities they can get nowhere else.