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Raf is one of our 2 young entrepreneurs who are in New Zealand for the @asianewzealandfoundation! #Repost @rafdionisio ・・・ Educational morning with @mcconnochieadam of @asianewzealandfoundation (thank you for this amazing experience!) and Jaime of the @ngatiwhatuaorakei tribe in Auckland, New Zealand sharing with us how they were able to empower their community of 5,000 while touring us around Mt.Eden (locally known as Maungawhau). We opened the session by sharing about our favorite mountain and river - because we personify these geological bodies. I shared about Yangil and the Aetas, and how it has inflicted the way I think, and the direction of my energy. Fun fact is they do this to check people's intentions, if they are here for war or peace!!! Cool!!! Here are some things I learned: On leadership: "Leaders sometimes have to make decisions without all the data" and that, he shares is the courageous challenge that they face. On the tribe: They are passing on the culture and stories of their ancestors to their Children, and tourism plays a role that gives value to the stories and heritage which may otherwise be a little difficult to teach. (History isn't always interesting, but if it can help my career or it's appreciated then it becomes relevant) On ownership: Their ancestors saw land as something to care for, not something to own. On tech: Their tribe works with futurists asking the question how do we fit into the future? How can they connect and adapt to technology like blockchain or AI? On the future: We know that we need to collaborate with others to move forward - this is how their tribe rose out of poverty, and how they will move towards to the future. On tour guiding: It's about story telling and passion, not just the formal degree, that makes a great guide. And finally, he showed us what a Manuka tree looks like :) #YBLI #sustainability #asianewzealandfoundation
8 months ago