July For Kings


New album Middletown available at www.julyforkings.com

July For Kings, or "JFK" for short, first achieved success in 2002 with their album "SWIM" released on MCA Records. The first single "Normal Life" received airplay on stations all over the US including #1 most requested on Las Vegas KMBX, garnering national media attention from Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone, and InStyle while landing the band national tours with Muse, Collective Soul, The Counting Crows, The Calling, etc. In 2005 July For Kings released the seven-song follow-up, Nostalgia. In its first week Nostalgia was the #1 most purchased album at CDbaby.com, the largest online retailer of independent music in the world.

After a break to record and release his solo album "Curvature", singer/songwriter Joe Hedges began working on another July For Kings release. Hedges united new guitarist John McGuire and bassist Brian Ives with July For Kings drummer Dan McQuinn and set out to make the pop-flavored Monochrome album in 2007, finally returning to unabashed alt-rock with guitar-heavy Middletown in 2015.