La Bonne Nouvelle avec Frere Joel

Nonprofit Organization

La Bonne Nouvelle is a thirty minute Creole Christian television show hosted by Frere Joel. Aired weekly in Haiti, Boston, Rhode Island and south Florida, La Bonne Nouvelle features beautiful Haiti. Frere Joel visits a different village each wk.

Haiti for Christ Ministries is an evangelical mission dedicated to preaching & teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. Missionaries Joel & Yvonne Trimble live and minister in Haiti through evangelistic crusades, film evangelism, church revivals and plantings, and they produce and host Haiti's favorite TV show La Bonne Nouvelle, The Good News. The show is in it's 11th season with 90 episodes aired on 85 stations and on demand on Viewers are estimated at 2 million/week from Montreal to Martinique, including Boston, NYC, SFlorida, France, Haiti and all of the Caribbean.

10 months ago