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Performing Arts

Wondering what to do on your event ? Wanna have a worry free wedding/event?
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We are an established live band which has more than 10 years of experience.
Action speak louder than words, shoot us a message and try us!

Our services include:
-Live Band (birthday party, proposal, ROM, wedding reception, house warming, corporate event)
-Sound system
-Consulting & Wedding Planning
-Wedding Decoration

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More info: http://www.rightonemusic.com/

PS : Why "RIGHT TONE" Music
All the time you hear musician saying something like: “Damn, your tone damn nice la”, Or people tells the guitarist, “Oh man, that’s the perfect tone for this song”, people even tell drummers, “You got some really nice tone on those drums man”. Well, can’t agree more, these phrases sound pretty abstract sometimes, but you can’t run away from it. When we play music, we not only try hard to make our playing sound as musical as possible, It’s the tone, it matters as well.
That’s why we named ourselves RIGHT TONE MUSIC