Catch Me Catatonic

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Catch Me Catatonic is a creative mixture of a band, inspired by multiple musical styles such as alternative rock, jazz, blues, hip hop, and folk.

Catch me Catatonic is a jazz/blues/punk/rock/alternative genre blending band; it started around a glass table. Some of us had been friends for years, and some of us had only just met, but we were immediately connected by our passion for music. We come from different places and pull our musical inspirations from even more places, but we contribute equally to the creation of every song we play and it’s been magic from day one.

Our members: Adrielle (lead guitar/vocals/lyrics); Isobel (lead vocals/lyrics/piano); Jack (drums/piano/lyrics); and Kelson (bass/vocals/guitar/lyrics) strive to make music that we love: music we can dance to, scream to, cry to, and bleed on the mic to. Our sound pulls from jazz, blues, punk, cabaret, classic rock, folk, metal, and alternative rock. Some of our major influences include Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Amanda Palmer, Amy Winehouse, Monk, Lacuna Coil, Joan Jett, Tool, Blue October, Nine Inch Nails, The Doors, Being as an Ocean … (so it goes)

The name of the band was inspired by the specific kind of catatonia certain people experience during endured periods of depression. It is a stupor associated with schizophrenia. But really it’s a human condition, and I’ve always had a tendency for it. It’s when the sweet, deep darkness of an exquisite pain grips you still, and you cast away to the farthest reaches of your mind where the darkness completely consumes you. It’s the place you sit inside yourself and float away on river Oblivion. Externally, catatonia looks like the lights are on but no one is home. A catatonic person will experience muscle rigidity and incoherence. They are of or in an unresponsive stupor. I used to live here. On island catatonia. I visit there sometimes still. But I’ve learned that all of the beautiful souls are touched with darkness. It is what unifies us. It’s what brought my band together. It transforms because it throws everything lighter than it into sharper perspective.

The pain the anguish the trauma the betrayals the lies the heartbreaks the guilt the shame the beatings the rapes the toxic lovers the broken bones and broken souls the abuse the torture the loneliness the fear the rage the gun shots and slit wrists — all of the darkness inside every one of us is all of ours and it only wins when you pretend it isn’t there and allow it to control you. So embrace the darkness, cover yourself in its beauty, and turn it into something meaningful.

-Catch Me Catatonic

Written by Isobel Tutchton

4 months ago