National Gun Control Advocates - NGCA

Nonprofit Organization

Non profit organization dedicated to sharing information about gun control laws, gun violence prevention and current events. Established July 4, 2015

We need better gun control to do what is best for Society and the common good for all, and not necessarily what is best for the individual:

If you are a responsible individual who is not a criminal, gang member, mentally ill, illegal alien, drug addict, felon, dishonorably discharged, convicted of domestic violence, a minor, an illegal gun trafficker, terrorist, or incompetent nobody is trying to prevent you from owning a gun.

So what are you worrying about? Unless you are one of those individuals. Unfortunately these individuals account for a good percentage of gun owners and NRA members.

Guns can be good sport and a hobby for responsible people. But we need stricter common sense gun laws and regulations, and we will strive for uniform gun laws in every state throughout the country.

We would also like to see all Firearm owners required to carry Liability Insurance. Although, I do support the right of Americans to own firearms, like all rights, the right to own guns must be balanced against others.

The NRA was once a good organization dedicated to Gun Sport Safety, but the "New NRA" is too extreme and fanatical and does not wish to compromise. The Concealed Carry movement has gone way too far. Gun Companies and NRA are trying to scare people into purchasing more firearms. They are a threat to Society.

-John Selvaggio- NGCA Founder