Parents Together for Yes


A group of parents who support a person's right to choose in pregnancy and childbirth. This group fully supports the repeal of the 8th amendment.

Parents for Choice in Pregnancy and Childbirth originated from an online community that was set up to provide parents with a space to discuss issues around choice in pregnancy and childbirth without the stigma that exists around parents having pro-choice views.
Parents in Ireland have a unique perspective on matters of choice in pregnancy and childbirth, many of us having experienced the realities of going through it while living in a country that limits many of the normal healthcare options that a pregnant woman in other European countries would take for granted. People should become parents by choice, and not because they have no other option. We exist to campaign for the repeal of the 8th amendment to the Irish Constitution, which limits choices and bodily autonomy in pregnancy and childbirth, as well as criminalising abortion. We campaign for the availability of free, safe and legal abortion in the Irish maternity care system, in line with all other health care during pregnancy, and for the recognition of a pregnant and birthing person’s immutable right to bodily autonomy and exercise of choice in all situations. We believe a person should be able to birth in the manner and location of their choosing.
We do not want our children to need to take to the streets to protest for their human rights and bodily autonomy, like we do, and our parents before us. We do not want our daughters’ lives to be put at risk when they themselves are pregnant or giving birth. This needs to stop now.