Ace of Diamonds Softball

Sports & Fitness Instruction

Ace of Diamonds Softball is committed to providing elite and affordable instruction on the field, while acting as mentors and educators to athletes.

We believe Softball has the ability to change the lives of young female-athletes in our community. Ace of Diamonds Softball is committed to providinig elite and affordable softball training. However, our focus goes beyond physical preparation. We want to empower our young women and instill ideals on how to achieve maximum personal success.

Although New York City Softball has come a long way, it has yet to reach its true potential. The number of female-collegiate athletes is at a steady rise and we will strive to keep that success going.

Whether our athletes’ goal is to receive an athletic scholarship or simply to improve their craft recreationally, we are committed to working hard to make their dreams come true. We view softball as a vehicle to teach important principles to young women so they can learn to apply them both on and off the field. With an emphasis on self-control, respect, accountability, hard work, mental toughness, dedication and most importantly self-confidence we are believe in our ability to touch lives.