F2C All Stars

Sports Team

F2C All Stars is a gym that promotes the spectacular and athletic sport of All star Cheer and Dance and offers teams for all! From the toddler to the adult and from recreational to competitive! We also offer a specialty cheer-ability program for athletes with special needs along with an elite program for teams that compete in National and International Championships.

F2C was the first cheer gym in Perth and one of the first cheer gyms to open in Australia bringing much experience and expertise to WA cheerleading. We have a large fully equipped gym in Landsdale, to ensure we are providing the best facilities for our teams to produce the finest athletes across the country!

F2C has gained the prestige of being one of the most successful cheerleading gyms in Australia.
We are the proud home of the Perth Angels Stunt – the only team in the history of cheerleading to be seven-time National Champions 2002-2008! The talent and passion that F2C has instilled in its members has been recognised with many cheerleading titles both state, national and international! With winning not being our main aim, we are proud of our athletes for not only achieving such great success, but for their amazing sportsmanship and pride every time they put on the blue, black, white and silver at training and at competitions!

As F2C prepares for its fourteenth year, we look forward to maintaining our reputation as having a highly successful cheerleading program that promotes pride, passion and sportsmanship and encourages fun, fitness and friendships.