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Australian native, based in London and Los Angeles, The Red Paintings are a five-piece group (guitar, violin, cello, bass and drums) whose sound evokes everything from child-like lullabies of the future, to tearing, biting, alternative-rock numbers. Their appeal reaches baroque-pop steam-punks, metal-heads, indie-rock fanatics, and beyond. They incorporate multimedia performance art and seek submissions from local painters who join the band on stage and reflect the energy on canvas and human body canvases in real time. The band's conceptual stage show combines sound and visuals to create an experience that stimulates the senses and minds of the audience.

The Red Paintings' critically acclaimed debut album propelled the band around the world an impressive three times as a headlining act. Following their success the highly anticipated release of their second record is evident through the band's successful crowdfunding campaign labelled by PledgeMusic's co-founder Jayce Varden as "one of the most innovative conceptual pledge campaigns ever". The new album features a fierce rhythm section, grandiose orchestral arrangements and powerful choral accompaniments all recorded in world-class studios around the globe including EastWest Studios Hollywood. With the same angst and social consciousness reminiscent of the first album, the ambitious follow up record takes The Red Paintings to another level of composition, artistry and grit worthy of another hat-trick worldwide tour. "They just don't make albums like this anymore" - Assistance Studio Manager (EastWest Studios)

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-- RECENT HEADLINE TOURING (2015 – 2017) --


2016 - UK, EUROPE, USA





Gary Numan (AUS)
Amanda Palmer/The Dresden Dolls (UK, USA, AUS, NZ)
The Birthday Massacre (UK, EU, USA)
Sigur Rós (AUS)
New Years Day (UK, USA)
Mindless Self Indulgence (UK, EU, USA, AUS)
65daysofstatic (AUS)
"...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead" (USA, UK, AUS, NZ)
Die Krupps (AUS)
Atari Teenage Riot (USA)
Saul Williams (AUS)
The Posies (USA)


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-- PRESS --

4/5 Rolling Stone Album Review (AUS)
10/10 & ‘Album of the Week’ Tone Deaf (AUS)
‘Album of the Week’ PBS Melbourne (AUS)
'Wasps' added to Air New Zealand in-flight radio
‘Wasps’ added to American Airlines in-flight radio
‘Top 50 Artists to Watch’ Big Cheese Magazine (UK)
‘Album of the Year’ Loud Mag (UK)
‘Top 25 Albums of the Year’ Echoes and Dust Mag (UK)

-- RADIO --

‘Wasps’ single peak #80 Alternative Chart (USA)
‘Wasps’ high rotation KFMA, WIIL, WARQ (USA)
‘Wasps’ debut at #26 FMQB Sub-Modern Singles Chart (USA)
‘The Revolution Is Never Coming’ album debut at #8 FMQB Specialty Chart (USA)
‘It Is As It Was’ debut at #8 FMQB Specialty Chart (USA)
'You're Not One Of Them' debut #40 FMQB Sub-Modern Chart (USA)

'Deleted Romantic' Premier MTV Germany 'You're Not One Of Them' and ‘Streets Fell Into My Window’added on BBC, Kerrang!, XFM and 100+ stations (UK & EU)
'You're Not One Of Them' in Top 100 on German college radio for 3 consecutive weeks (EU)

'You're Not One Of Them' Triple J (AUS)
‘Top 10 Most Requested’ on national community radio stations for 4 consecutive weeks (AUS)

-- TV --

'Wasps' video added to MTVu (USA)
AXS TV – Live studio performance (USA)
Journey's in store TV (music video and interview in 800 stores) (USA)
'You're Not One Of Them' video added to Channel V (AUS)
'You're Not One Of Them' video added to Loud and Kerrang! (UK)

MTVu – “dark, cinematic and slightly disturbing…similar in spirit to NIN or 30 Seconds To Mars.” (‘Wasps’ music video)


‘Wasps’ & ‘Streets Fell Into My Window’:

Sydney International Fantasy Film Awards – 1st place for Best Short (AUS)
Australian Movie Mania Awards – 1st place for Best Music Video (AUS)
QLD Film Awards – 1st place for Best Short & Best Music Video (AUS)
L.A. Film Festival – nominated and showcased (USA)
Roswell International Film Festival – showcased (USA)
West End Film Festival – nominated & showcased (AUS)
ATOM International Film Festival – nominated & showcased (AUS)
Isle of White International Film Festival – nominated & showcased (EU)


Bryan Carlstrom - Producer, Engineer (Alice in Chains, Rob Zombie):

“In my entire 30 year career I’ve not mixed such a diverse, colourful and emotionally dynamic album such as this, it’s like a 21st century War of the Worlds.” (Discussing 'The Revolution Is Never Coming')

Trash McSweeney - The Red Paintings:

“People create an album around a life, I created a life around an album.”

If you have not heard the accusations regarding @MichaelJackson from the documentary #LeavingNeverland you must be living under a rock. It seems to have become one of the most divided conversations across the world at this time. As you may all know over the past year we have been working on a Jackson cover 'They Don't Care About Us' and have been preparing to drop this track as our first single from the new album. We turned the song upside down - an almost unrecognisable adaptation along with quite a controversial music video with people from all over the world. What it represents is the injustices concerning race, the animal kingdom, social politics and the planet. All the things we as a band feel are most important to express and wholeheartedly stand for. We have had to deal with Sony Music & the Michael Jackson Estate to gain approval to release it. Luckily for us, they liked the song but demanded we take out all lyrical changes (we had added more contemporary lyrics to a verse and a few sections that we felt were more related to today's insane world) but ultimately we had no choice but to comply with their requests and respect their wishes. Let's just say it has been a massive ordeal, by all accounts, to get this song into some kind of final stage for release and now the controversy around MJs past kicks in, people question his character and his songs are dropped from some radio-stations. We felt it important to discuss the subject with you all and kick start a conversation by asking your views on Michael Jackson. What do you think? Did he do it? Was he extremely good at keeping this from the public for years? Or was he misunderstood? Could this be a set up? Was MJ capable of doing this and engaging in activity that has tainted these people's adult lives? Do you think this is a sensationalised story and people have perhaps found an opportunity to sue the Jackson Estate for a "billion dollars"? Are you/were you a fan of his music? Have recent reports changed this for you? Have you gone down the rabbit hole on line to get a better understanding of both sides? We would love to read your findings. When so much is in play it is hard to decide what is real and what is not. As #MJ has passed we can never hear his side of the story and it's hard to be sure of hard evidence when these alleged crimes happen behind closed doors. But one thing is for sure... Jackson's friends, family and people from his past have come in fighting from the other side to protect his name. So tell us your thoughts, share the post with your friends and family and let the conversation begin. Please support us and pre-order our album at
1 month ago
We have gone DIY and created a Brand NEW pre-order store at It has been a week since we announced the insane news that PledgeMusic spent all open artist campaign funds . That’s right, a massive chunk of funds you pledged to complete our album have “vanished”. News today of an established artist who have lost so much they are being forced to call bankruptcy due to not being able to pay all production bills which are around 200k mark. Heart break situation for 1000s of artists. This industry does not look after us artist. Look at the artist suicide rate. It’s appalling. Do you just give up? Or continue to ride through all the shit? For those who might be tuning in for the first time, we held a Facebook Live chat last Sunday, which you can still view on our FB page under this. Answering any questions you may have. We have seen a lot of support, which helps make what seems like a dire situation, one we can focus on overcoming. We are still in awe that this is happening and it’s hard not to feel frustrated, but it is completely out of our control and we will always feel very sorry for that. To keep the new store fresh we have added new items like T-shirts, New TRP logo earrings and a day adventure walking inside crop circles with the band in the UK. We are finalising our new music video and with the current fundraising hope to drop some of this new material very very soon! New store is located at www.theredpaintings.comand is run by us - not a 3rd party! Thanks for your patience while we try re-boot and eventually explode with new content...this will be a fk the system album!
1 month ago