Kent S. Leung


International Actor. Film Maker. Evolved being.. or so he thinks.

Actor. Film Maker.

Russell in the ground breaking TV Show sitcom The Switch.

Jack in feature film John Apple Jack.

Another year behind us. The rest of our lives ahead of us. Keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused. Take a deep breath and buckle in cause 2019 is gonna be a big one. 2018 may have been slower than a lot of us intended, goals we intended to realize were never realized and instead were pushed back and delayed. For me that’s how 2018 felt like but progress comes in many shapes and forms. 2018 was the year I completed my management team. Previously I only had formal representation in Canada and as a result my reach in USA and China was always limited. But midway through this year I started working with a talented and resourceful Hollywood manager that has helped expand my reach into the States by many fold. But that wasn’t all, this last month I was introduced to a veteran Chinese film producer who thought I would be a perfect fit for her new film company and agency. After getting to know each other I realized she was probably the first local Chinese manager who completely understood my career: my strengths, my competitive advantages and most importantly my true potential. Her company is full service and their planning and organization is on point. With my team now complete I am beyond relieved. I finally feel like I can breathe, relax and lastly focus on what I need to do to realize my goals, since I know I now have a team’s support behind me to get all the other things done. . . This photo was taken in Cates Park in North Vancouver not to far from where I grew up. The beauty of this place is jaw dropping especially when I’ve been away for such a long time. A perfect place to reflect on a year’s events and focus on what’s needed to be done next. Happy New Year everybody. Go get em. . . . #newyear #happynewyear #2018 #2019 #vancouver #catespark #northvancouver
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