Black Dog Animal Rescue

Nonprofit Organization

Black Dog Animal Rescue is Wyoming's largest private animal rescue and advocacy organization.

What sets BDAR apart is our unique vision for Wyoming:

We’re the only rescue dedicated exclusively to helping Wyoming’s homeless pets and Wyoming’s pet owners.

Clyde’s Fund: Providing medical care for homeless animals with extraordinary needs and for whom adoption might not be an option without medical intervention.

Dog Behavior program: Supporting dogs who require behavioral intervention in order to find a successful adoptive home.

Foster care: A program designed to increase the capacity of the adoption program by placing animals in temporary care in the homes of willing volunteers.

High-volume adoptions: A program designed to place as many homeless pets in dedicated permanent homes as quickly as possible, , thereby freeing up physical, financial, and human resources necessary to care for new incoming animals, or those requiring more extensive therapies prior to adoption.

Low-cost microchips: Affording people the ability to have their pet permanently identified in the event they become missing and need to be reunited with their owner.

Pet food pantry: Assisting members of the community with free dog and cat food and other supplies during times of financial hardship.

Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) program: Re-homing assistance for dogs who need not ever enter a shelter.

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