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Angono lies 29.38 kilometers east of Manila and some 15.7 kilometers away from Pasig, the former capital of Rizal. It is situated on the southwestern portion of the Province of Rizal, located approximately between 14˚31’ and 14˚33’ north latitude and between 121˚ 08’ and 121˚12’ east longitude (Fig. 1-1). It is bounded by Taytay on the northwest; Antipolo on the north; Teresa on the northeast; Binangonan on the southeast; and Laguna de Bay on the southwest.
The topography of Angono does not have a prominently rugged terrain. Its local topographic relief ranges only from 100 to 200 meters (Fig. 1-2). The landscape is actually dominated by the alluvial river valley of the Angono River. The river originates from the northeastern portion of the municipality with a narrow yet steed-sided river channel and broadens out into the coast of Laguna Lake. Forming the only major river system, the Angono River, gently meanders through the landscape, making its way southwest into Laguna de Bay. Its tributary streams come from the southern hills of Antipolo, Teresa, and Binangonan.