Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel 台北喜來登大飯店


Conveniently located in the heart of Taipei commercial and government districts, puts all of Taipei and the surrounding areas at your doorstep.

Located in the heart of Taipei's commercial, government, and financial district with an MRT station adjacent to the hotel (Shandao Temple Stn, exit 2). Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel offers guests sheer luxury in 688 sumptuously appointed rooms and suites, many offering butler service. Whether visiting Taipei on business or for leisure, Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel offers services and facilities to meet your every need.

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台北喜來登大飯店「觀光旅館業營業執照」編號: 交觀業字第壹貳捌伍號

3 years ago
安東廳米其林星光盛宴 高田裕介主廚受邀來台客座,與安東廳共同以「在地食材」、「經典創新」、「家」打造全新黃金三角食尚藝術。主廚為本次盛宴特別親訪台灣市場,挑選「在地食材」如:桂丁雞、芒果、荔枝等當令美味,以台灣特色食材結合法式烹飪手藝,妝點鮮豔的盤中花園,帶給台灣賓客非凡的感官享受。安東廳向來堅持傳遞經典法式精神,並不斷汲取各種創新理念,正與高田主廚的堅持不謀而合,本次也將攜手引領「經典創新」的法食風尚。回歸高田主廚的料理初心,來自於「家」對他的重要性,主廚說:「家是我最重要的靈感來源,選擇家鄉食材入菜,從記憶中萃取懷念的兒時滋味,將「家」推廣給世界是我目前的首要目標。」因此這場饗宴中,也特別選擇家鄉鹿兒島的鰤魚入饌,他將把自身最熟悉的美味,傳遞給每位賓客,與安東廳一同以黃金三元素盡情揮灑「新食尚藝術」。 Antoine Room--Michelin Star Feast We have invited chef Takada Yusuke to our restaurant to create brand-new Golden Triangle Restaurant Art based on the themes such as “Local Ingredients”, “Classic & Creative” as well as “Home”. The chef visits Taiwan markets to select the freshest ingredients in person for this feast. The local ingredients include Fructus Cinnamomi chicken, mango, litchi and other delicacies in season. We provide Taiwan’s guests with extraordinary sensual enjoyment with bright-colored dishes with local distinctive ingredients along with French cooking skills. Antoine Room has always delivered superb classic French cuisine as well as focusing on incorporating regional creative cooking styles, which is in line with the ideas of the chef. We are focusing on French Cuisine based on the theme “Classic & Creative”. Chef Takada’s cuisine is a prime example of fusing local ingredients with French creative culinary arts. Chef Yusuke said “home is where the majority of my inspirations come from, therefore, I choose ingredients in my hometown to recall my childhood memories and am now promoting “Home” to the world as my primary target”. He is keen on presenting the delicacies that he is familiar with to every guest and making efforts to create “Brand-new Culinary Art” at Antoine Room.
3 years ago