Living Rich With Coupons

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Living Rich With Coupons was born in 2009, when founder Cindy Livesey was forced to put her household on a budget for the first time, resulting in the savings of $11,000 on groceries in one year.

Do you know what a loss leader is? Loss leaders are when stores price a few items at super low prices to get you into their door. . It’s a great marketing tactic for stores as they want foot traffic so they can sell you other things. . One of the ways they do it is by placing the pre-packaged corn (in the video above) right at the entrance of the store. You might, while browsing the weekly circular, have noticed that corn was on sale this week. Upon entering the store, the corn catches your eye. Your brain says corn on sale, oh here it is. Let me get a pack. . This is really how the stores set it up and why they have loss leaders. And it does works. Heck, while I was looking at the corn, I actually heard someone say, oh here is the corn as if they remembered it was on sale. They grabbed a pack without regard to checking the price. You know where the actual sale corn was located? Way in the back by the produce dept. They got you into the store, luring you there with a cheap price on corn and hid it in the back while putting the more expensive one on full display. . Lesson here is watch your prices, shop for loss leaders without getting sucked into fancy, Pre-Cut or other expensive products. . Right here, you could saved yourself over $4 by just skipping the pre packaged and paying attention to the price. Easiest $4 you can make! . The Living Rich With Coupons motto is to Empower Smart Shoppers to Live Rich! Be a smart shopper! . Share this with anyone that needs to be reminded of this. Spread the savings love! ShopRite Deals - . #beasmartshopper #payattentiontoprices #livingrichwithcoupons
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