Unofficial: Rang Badalti Odhani

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Rang Badalti Odhani - Episode 153 : Khanak questions Dadima Khanak calls and apologizes to Shantanu. Shantanu apologises to her. Akshay secretly places the party invite on Mr. Khandelwal’s table in office. Mr. Khandelwal is excited to find the card. Khanak secretly places a letter on Shantanu’s office table, apologizing to him, and declaring that she will confess her feelings soon. She requests him to think about a touching anniversary present for his parents. Khanak is happy when Shantanu compliments her on her beauty. Khanak questions Shantanu about his present for his parents. Mr. Khandelwal is excited to see a letter addressed as from Madhavi, inviting him to the party that night with a red rose. Khanak requests Dharam to report every single happening at the office to her. Mr. and Mrs. Khandelwal come face to face with each other at the party venue. Khanak and Shantanu decide not to fight with each other on the day of the party. Shantanu is upset at having hurt Khanak. Khanak tells Dadima that Shantanu is angry with her. She questions Dadima about Shantanu’s college days. Dadima tells Khanak how she went to Haridwar during Shantanu’s college days, as there were too many fights in the house. She states that Shantanu had changed entirely when she returned from Haridwar. Shantanu recalls the days when he used to play the guitar. Dadima is unable to tell Khanak how Shantanu got the guitar. Khanak wonders about Shantanu’s college life. Shantanu realizes that he wishes to forget his college days.
3 years ago
Rang Badalti Odhani - Episode 148 : Shantanu tricks Akshay Akshay admires Shantanu, thinking that he has complete control over Khanak. Shantanu reads out letters from Mrs. Khandelwal to her husband, stating that is from Khanak for him. Akshay promises to do all of Shantanu’s official work, if he sorts out the problems between him and Khushboo. Khanak requests Mr. Khandelwal not to send Shantanu to office, as she would be lonely without him. Shantanu is happy when he agrees. Khanak and Shantanu address each other by the special nicknames that Mr. and Mrs. Khandelwal used to use for each other. Mr. and Mrs. Khandelwal are all smiles, reminded of their old times, while Khushboo is disgusted. Khanak requests Shantanu to stop demanding a confession from him. He refuses. Shantanu burns his hand on a candle. He is touched to see Khanak distressed for him and nursing his wound. Shantanu requests Khanak to confess the love for him that he can see in her eyes. Khanak questions if it is absolutely necessary for him to hear those three words. Shantanu and Akshay pretend to fight in front of Mr. Khandelwal as to who will visit the factory. Akshay pretends to have a positive impression of Shantanu in front of his father. Mr. Khandelwal declares that Akshay will go to the factory, while Shantanu will go to the office. Shantanu is disappointed. Shantanu lies to Khanak that Akshay has gone to a party to have fun alone, on the pretext of going to the factory. Shantanu makes sure that Khushboo overhears their conversation. Khushboo is angry when she overhears this discussion. Shantanu calls Akshay and tells him not to receive Khushboo’s call. Khushboo shares her worries with Mrs. Khandelwal, and is shocked when she does not react.
3 years ago