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~Integrative health & lifestyle coaching~
Every single thing your body EATs whether it's put in your mouth or on your skin effects your health, how you FEEL and how you LOOK.

I was told (by professionals):
“You’ll need Zoloft to beat depression”
“You’ll need Ambien and Lunesta to help you sleep”
“You’ll never be athletic due to an autoimmune disease”
“You’ll never process food or filter toxins properly due to missing organs”
And the biggie…
“You’ll never conceive a child naturally”
I proved them ALL wrong.
Join the journey. Goal here is to share and help individuals desiring a LIFESTYLE change by being a shortcut through the layers upon layers of confusing and conflicting information. No fads. No rapid weight loss. Only long term health and results. It’s the real change you want to see in your life. No more yo-yo’s, no more fads, no quick fixes…knowledge is POWER. KNOWLEDGE and HABIT change is the key to feeling and living better.
That's why I started coaching, I believe so many others can also change their lives and I want to help.
What have you been told? What do you tell yourself? Let’s prove it wrong!

Valentines Day gift tradition lends itself to roses and a box of chocolates for our valentines. But what if we could do the day not only healthier but more personal and not quite as expected? Here are just a few ideas.... ❤️ instead of going out to an expensive dinner, cook for your valentine or better yet cook together! Make a whole food meal, a special meal you wouldn’t normally make. Your meal will be more personal, intimate and even healthier when you know all the ingredients! ❤️ give a massage..who doesn’t love that? Touch release tons of endorphins! ❤️ instead of candy make your own dark chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate stuffed raspberries ...yummm! ❤️ make a healthy breakfast in bed if your morning allows, start their day off the right way! ❤️ if you must give candy why not choose a really nice organic dark chocolate vs boxed ones loaded with terrible ingredients. Pure dark chocolate not only has antioxidant health benefits but it’s an aphrodisiac! ❤️ write a poem...ok hear us out. This may seem “cheesy” but seriously...in this high tech world full of text messages, emails and social media putting a pen to paper and writing how you feel about another person...how special! ❤️ workout together! Go take a class together that you wouldn’t normally do (cross fit, Yoga, Kickboxing, etc) or even go for a long walk together. Get a good sweat on together 😉 No matter how you celebrate, you can do it in a smart healthy way and feel great about yourself and your love. You don’t have to go “off plan” to show you love each other! 💋
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What the heck does a health coach eat in a day? I get asked that a lot so here's a quick glance into a day. Now every day is different but basic principals are the same. *Water is consumed thruoghout the day for a daily total of around 90-120oz. 20oz room temp water gets guzzled before getting completely out of bed. "Internal bath". Metabolism boosting drink to kick the day off. About an hour later it's breakfast - if it's not a green smoothie, that or a green drink (such as organifi) gets in at some point during the day. Some sort of simple am snack as it's usually go time. Could be a protein shake, apple with cheese stick or almond butter, veggie sticks with hummus, etc. An afternoon tea or mushroom coffee. Usually this will have a little emulsified mct oil in it - its consumed about 45 mins prior to a workout. Lunch is always a PFC balance. Protein, fat and carb. The protein is lean, the fats are healthy, the carbs are complex. Lunch tends to be the largest meal. Dinner is again a PFC balance. Dinners tend to be light. Nighttime relaxation tea (organic). Sometimes there is a late snack here as well to keep blood sugar balanced through the night. Now no one is perfect and some days are crazy, especially with kiddos. Do the best you can and that's all anyone can do. You have to find balance. Again, this is just an example and quick glimpse into a day of nutrition from someone who lives it. Every body is different and has different needs. You need to give your body what it specifically needs. We can help you figure that out.
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