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I made this page to inspire a healthy change in everyone's lifestyle. I hope that my journey will help guide you through yours.

So, back in 2015, I hit rock bottom! I weighed in at 449 pounds laziness.... I was addicted to drug, alcohol, cigarettes, and much much more. I was tired of being ignored by women and not being able to fit in "normal" people clothes, seats, cars, toilets, doors, etc. I was wasting away and had no purpose what so ever. Finally, when rock bottom found me I decided enough was enough. I started out on a journey, not just a journey. It what most would call a life change. I re-arranged the DNA of my life! I got rid of every negative aspect of my life. I got rid of the drugs, the cigarettes, the alcohol, and everything else. I got in school and become the top in my class, I joined a gym and within the 1st month I had lost 20 pounds, and then 30, and then 40, and like magic, I lost my first 100 pounds. It has been an amazing experience!!!!! Along this journey, I have met my matches and I have conquered them! every goal I have set I have achieved! I am now sitting 215 pounds lighter and am working on gaining a lot of lean muscle mass! I give all my thanks to the Keto diet, caloric deficit, and the gym!!!! Thanks, and please feel free to follow this page and my personal profile.