1822 Fitness, Inc.

Fitness Trainer

1822 Fitness is a private fitness training company that was created to provide personal and group training to people and athletes from all ages and levels.

“Passion.Commitment.Excellence” is the foundation and slogan of 1822 Fitness, which describes who we are and how we do things. The passion for health, sports, and fitness; the commitment, excellence, dedication, personal touch and professionalism we provide to our valued clients.
1822 Fitness was born and founded in 2007 by Joel and Eydie Molina as a dream for a fitness company that would provide fitness training in a personal and group setting without losing the 1-on-1 training approach.

Behind the numbers 1822:

#1: means the one-on-one experience we provide with individualized training programs, the first day or the starting of the training journey.
#8: means a new beginning which describes a new phase in the lives of those trying our services.
#22: means the future and realization that describes the change and transformation our clients will experience by training with us.

Our Vision…

Our vision is to impact, develop, influence and transform the bodies, minds, and lives of many as they achieve their dreams and goals.

Our Mission…

Our mission is to provide and deliver a quality training experience with passion,
commitment and excellence in all areas of training (physically, mentally, spiritually, and
emotionally) to all our valued clients.