Sikh Center of San Francisco Bay Area, at El Sobrante

Religious Center

This Page is to keep El Sobrante Sikh Center Sangat up to date with current community affairs. Concentrating on bringing positive news.

This page is for sangat of El Sobrante Sikh Center (Gurudwara).
The sole objectives of the Sikh Center of The San Francisco Bay Area is to Operate and Maintain a Gurudwara, to hold regular congregations, celebrate Gurpurabs and other specific Sikh religious functions, in accordance with the Akal Takhat Sikh Rehat Maryada.
Also to propagate the teachings of the Ten Sikh Gurus and Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
To develop and promote among all persons regardless of color, creed, race or nation origin goodwill, understanding and devotion to the principles of Sikhism.
Provide a spiritual climate for participation by the Bay Area Community in the spiritual charitable, cultural and educational functions and activities of the Sikh society under the principles of Sikh Religion.
Timings of Services:

Simran: Every Saturday 3.30 AM to 4.30 AM

Keertan: Every day: 6 AM to 7 AM and 6.30 PM to 7.00 PM

Sunday Diwan: After Nitnem and Asa Di Vaar, Diwan from 10.00 AM to 2.30 PM

Wednesday evening Diwan: 4.30 PM: sukhmani Saheb Path followed by Rehras Saheb, Keertan and Katha; Sukhasan at 9.0

Free Keertan and Gatka Classes every Saturday and Sunday

Sunday Khalsa School for Kids: 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM