SEMA 2016 Platinum Police F150


2016 Platinum F150 Police Edition 4x4

Hello Everyone! Let me introduce you to my personal 2016 Platinum F150 Police Edition 4x4.

This build started with a few modifications from AFE, however after speaking with 5 Star Tuning, Chris Duncan there advised me of some additional modifications I could do with new aftermarket equipment from Borla. Well, shortly thereafter I was on the road to build a truck for SEMA!! This truck already with a $66k dollar sticker has more than doubled in price and value with the modifications being added and upgraded. We have went from front to rear and top to bottom. This truck will be used as my personal police response vehicle from my location to my jurisdiction and to any calls when called out. I have been blessed by many sponsors who have been more than willing to jump through hoops to help me and believe in my build.

After SEMA my wish is to donate the use of this truck for fallen officer funeral escorts, fallen soldier funeral escorts and for positive events as well such as Memorial Day Parades, Parades of other events, and also for individual companies that would like to revinyl the truck for their business for photos/marketing/commercials. Please send us a private message with your requests.

This truck is definitely going to be one of a kind since most parts and components are made as a one off just for this build.

The truck will be a "Featured" vehicle at SEMA and sponsored by Borla direct.

Please continue to follow the site, we will be updating pictures as they come in and at no point between now and October 31st will we reveal the truck as a whole. On Oct 31st at 10pm Central time I will be revealing the truck.

We are continually looking for additional sponsorship for this truck, if you have a product that fits our purpose, let me know, if you just want to help financially, let us know. I personally will have more than $5k just in shipping the truck all over the US for these modifications. The truck has left Illinois and spent 3 weeks in Florence SC at 5 Startuning, and will then go to Orlando for emergency lighting and then back to me for all the final work and assembly. Then it will be enclosed and covered and sent off to Las Vegas in an enclosed Semi and covered the whole time to ensure no reveals will be leaked!

To our financial sponsors, we will be giving the person with highest donation the opportunity to use the truck personally for their marketing and we will supply the vinyl advertising for free! (Wraps not included)

Stay tuned.. Always updating!!