Project Sarangi

Musical Genre

Preservation of indigenous and Nepali folk craftsmanship and promotion around the globe.Handcrafted professional Sarangi Instruments and souvenirs.

Gandarvas are a Nepalese ethnic community historically nomadic entertainers and musicians. One of their prized instruments is the Sarangi, a four-stringed instrument played upright, with a bow. Sarangi is handcrafted out of a single piece of wood, hollowed at the base then covered with leather. The instrument's sound resembles the human voice laced with rich oriental undertones.
Today, it holds a significant role to the folk genre of Nepalese music. Due to globalization and commercialization of music and entertainment, the tradition is slowly dying and the instrument itself faces extinction. Project Sarangi is committed to the preservation and promotion of the living art of Sarangi through crafting professional-grade Sarangis and souvenirs to raise awareness and keeping the craftsmanship alive. Project Sarangi also develops the common ground to learn the ethnic folk instruments of Nepal

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