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Sika has subsidiaries in more than 100 countries around the world and manufactures in over 200 factories. Its more than 18,000 employees generated annual sales of CHF 6.248 billion in 2017.

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Sika History

1910: Kaspar Winkler founded Sika: Winkler’s first inventions were agents to protect and clean granite (Conservado, Purigo) and a waterproofing agent for mortars. This waterproofing agent named Sika-1 is still sold today.

1912: Subsidiary founded: In Southern Germany a subsidiary with its own, small-scale manufacturing facility was founded. Leadership capacity and connections were insufficient for determined expansion. By hiring a Director for Foreign Operations who cared about the Sika operations, more subsidiaries were founded in England, Italy, and France.

1918: The Swiss Federal Railways ran successful trials: The Swiss Federal Railways ran successful trials using Sika to waterproof the tunnels of the Gotthard section. This became necessary so that electric trains could be used as well. The Swiss National Railways waterproofed 67 tunnels with Sika during the following years, which was Sika’s breakthrough, as it represented Sika’s first big reference project, a true landmark.

1935: Worldwide Presence: Before World War II Fritz Schenker, Winkler’s son-in-law pushed the expansion in Europe, North- and South America and in Asia.

1971: Second generation change: Romuald Burkard took over the leadership of the group of companies which by 1968 had become a single integral corporate structure with Sika Finanz AG. Subsequently, Sika was listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

1990: Weak Profitability: 1990s were not an easy decade for Sika AG. The solution to survive the difficult times was achieved by withdrawing from less lucrative, non-core businesses, such as the building of robots used to restore sewer lines. Sika also abandoned the manufacture of road building products. Sika cam close to selling its sealing membranes business to Sarnafil.

2000: Core competencies: Sika summarizes its core competencies as follows: sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting.

2009: Dubai Metro’s first line: The Dubai Metro’s first line was inaugurated. The second line is scheduled to begin by operating in 2011. There are 58.7 km of overground track in tunnels clad with 53000 prefabricated tubbing elements.

2010: 100-year anniversary: Worldwide celebrations at the different subsidiaries with the attendance of the owner family, active and retired Senior Managers, and others. On the threshold of its 100-year anniversary, Sika starts running the platform Sika Experiences which promotes internships and enables students and young professionals insights into this industry.

2012: A new president for the Board of Directors and a new CEO: Paul Hälg, CEO of the Dätwyler Gruppe, is elected as president of the Board of Directors of Sika AG. Jan Jenisch takes over the CEO position from Ernst Bärtschi upon his retirement on January 1, 2012.

2013: Target Markets & Regions: Sika defines its target markets as concrete, waterproofing, roofing, flooring, sealing and bonding, refurbishment and industry. The geographical regions are reduced from six to four: EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), North America, Latin America and Asia/Pacific. The former regions Europe South and Europe North are incorporated in the new region EMEA. The region IMEA is dissolved and India is included in the region Asia/Pacific. The regional distinction is based on unified economic areas and supply chain structures.
June 2013: Acquisition of Everbuild: Sika acquired Everbuild, the UK leading manufacturer of sealants and Adhesives.

July 2013: Acquisition of membrane manufacturers: Sika acquired JMTexsa, S.A. de C.V. of Mexico and Texsa India Ltd. They are leading manufacturers of waterproofing membranes and will complement Sika's roofing product range.

Today: Organic growth stands at the center of the Sika strategy. In 2014 new subsidiaries were established in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. Sika furthermore has invested considerable ressources in the expansion of capacity, for example in Serbia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Mexiko, Brasil and the USA. The first half-year 2015 delivered double-digit sales growth in the core markets of the USA, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and the Pacific and therefore underlined the strength of the Sika growth model. Alone in the first six months of 2015, Sika acquired five new companies. In the years 2010 to 2014, 24 acquired companies were integrated into the Sika Group.

Since 2012, Sika has been in the Swiss Leader Index (SLI), which includes the 30 largest and most liquid Swiss companies. Sika is committed to sustainable development. The Sika sustainability strategy has got off to a successful start, with the company exceeding most of its targets for 2014. The G4 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) have provided the framework for sustainability reporting since 2013.

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