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An independent group sabbing the Welsh border using traditional sabbing tactics along with a hint of self deprecation and sarcasm.

Wheatland hunt
3 months ago
Saturday 17th November 2018. After saying hi to Ross Harriers and Ricky Dolphin aka Dicky Flipper, knowing his appearances are very spasmodic and short lived, we decided to bless Cotty Vile with our company. Cotty Vile meet was at Shapridge Farm, Flaxley. What a pleasant surprise to find Gary Williams aka Gazza saggy Jodhpurs AWOL. Apparently he has 'broken something!' Question being what?! Not his spine, one has to have one to break. Maybe that notorious middle finger has been snapped off, regardless, don't hurry back grumble Muppet. Peter Swann MFH ๐Ÿค” had the pleasure of our company. The meet could not be cancelled due to booking trust land 6 weeks in advance and paying their fee. Sabs with up to 30+ years of experience have NEVER seen such a debacle. Hounds absolutely all over the place. No control whatsoever. Poor old Pete had a face redder than a baboons backside. The field were dropping off like flies. Hounds left everywhere. No hunting at all. Desperate attempts to gather them for the entire 2.5 hours of laughing our socks off, a miniscule twinge of pity. Even Nathan Golding (joint HM) said 'this is bloody embarrassing!' We do have footage of here a hound, there a hound, a pair of hounds. We present our wonderful support with Pete's best effort of having control of one and a half pair!! Oh good Lord, bet he can't wait for the next episode of 'Carry on Hunting!' We just hope all hounds were finally retrieved, for their sake!! WBHS ๐ŸฆŠ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ‘Š
6 months ago