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23 Coaches led by Award-Winning Fitness Expert, 23-Time Boston Marathon Finisher, 12-Time Ironman Finisher and Best Selling Author Jonathan Roche!

15 Coaches led by Award-Winning Fitness Expert, 22-Time Boston Marathon Finisher, 12-Time Ironman Finisher and Best Selling Author Jonathan Roche!

Coach Jonathan here: I am running today's Monday’s Boston Marathon for 271 Warriors who have fought or are fighting cancer! This will be my 22nd straight Boston Marathon and my 21st straight as a member of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Team (where my Mom was treated). Over the last couple of weeks I extended the invitation to submit the names of people who have fought or are fighting cancer for me to run in memory or in support of (the cut-off was Thursday at 5PM). In this video I show the initials of the 271 Warriors (this will be hanging on the back of my shirt) I will run for as I crank through the Boston Marathon! Thanks to all of you who emailed me with these names and thanks for giving me the opportunity to honor your loved ones and friends. I read every word of every email (although I was not able to personally respond) and it is truly an honor to have your family member or friend with me during the Boston Marathon. Thanks to all of you who have donated so far. I have already hit $8,000 raised to fight cancer (between online donations and checks) and I am well on my way to passing $10,000 raised. To say thanks is an understatement. I truly thank you! ________________________________________________ It is not too late to support me and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: To sponsor me, go to the following Dana-Farber page to make an online donation: Please keep in mind that 100% of every dollar goes directly to cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber and is tax-free (Dana-Farber will mail you a receipt). Also, please keep in mind that every dollar helps and is much appreciated. Together, we can make a difference! _________________________________________________ How to track me on Monday: My number is 25409. You can text my number to 234567 and you will get a text when I reach the 5k markers along the route! Or you can go to on Monday to track me online using my number. _________________________________________________ Why running for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is so important to me: I am running this year's marathon in memory of my Mom and my friend Matt and in support of my friend Noreen and my brother Chris. My mother was treated at Dana-Farber 32 years ago and they helped her fight lung cancer and supported her during her most difficult hours. She was diagnosed at the young age of 46 while having 4 kids (10, 12, 15 and 22). My Mom’s battle with cancer ended at the age of 48 (I was 12), but her spirit lives on and I run for Dana-Farber and Breakthrough Health donates 5% of our profits to Dana-Farber in memory of her. I will be thinking of her and the guts and determination she showed battling cancer as I battle through the marathon. She was a special person and an amazing Mom (she poured herself into my siblings and me as she fought cancer and her “you only have 6 months to live” diagnosis). My friend Matt battled brain cancer last year. It was a bumpy journey but he fought the good fight and I will run in memory of him and think of him often during the marathon. My older brother Chris was diagnosed with a rare form of nose cancer 12 years ago. Fortunately it was discovered early, the cancer was removed in a series of 29 surgeries over 4 years and he is now cancer-free. His positive attitude is a glowing example of understanding what life is truly about and the power of never giving up. Lastly, I will run in support of my friend Noreen. She is battling breast cancer and she is a fighter and a warrior and is on her way to being caner-free. She will be at mile 15 during the marathon with her three sons and I can’t wait to give her a high five and a hug. I will be running for my Mom, for Matt, for Chris, for Noreen and all cancer survivors and patients. Although I will surely be pushed to my absolute limits again this year during the marathon, I know that my battle will be easy compared to the struggles that patients at Dana-Farber have experienced. I consider the fact that I am physically able to run a marathon to be a true gift. And I am hoping that with your help we can help people who have gone and are going through some very challenging times. Together, we can make a difference!
2 years ago