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"Bayern München Is In My DNA" is the first ever fan-page about FC Bayern in English for Bayern Munich supporters, which updates Bayern fans 24/7, starting from news to club's facts, created for the first time on 2.2.2015.

The Bavarian Global community "Bayern München Is In My DNA" was for the first time created on 2nd February 2015. The page was created always with the same aim; to unite FC Bayern supporters all around the world. The page is not actually an official fan club or an official fan blog, but is created by the fans of FC Bayern FOR the fans of FC Bayern. A football fanpage which updates its fans with the latest news about Bayern Munich, which updates its fans with some funny posts, history facts, and many more.
The roots of the page were from a little country near Balkan. The page was created by a hardcore Albanian Bayern supporter since 1996.
The owner of the page, which actually possesses the tag name -KaiserF, as he says, "There were too many pages Real Madrid and Barcelona fanpages out on Facebook, that's why, I decided to create a Bayern fanpage, which can grow, develop as well as updating Bayern fans."
Actually, there were many Bayern fanpages, in German mostly, who could provide news and quality posts, but there was never a Bayern fanpage in Global form to bring the community the high quality posts.
So, a global fanpage was needed.

We grew up gradually and reached top of Bayern fanpages. The popularity which the page got was very big and this made us ambitious to give our fans our all to be always updated and more knowledgeable about their own fussball club.
At first days, we never thought we would be this big.
It was hard to have 200 likes in one month, but it was very important that we were interactive with the fans and very active.
After a month, two, three, and so on, we grew up quickly and in just one year we reached 30k followers. In just one year, many wonderful things happened. Wonderful things happened, in next year, so did following year, and the page reached 200k likes.
That's where we are now.
Many admins left and came, many wonderful things happened, we had ups and downs, but the page still remained the same, the same content are being posted, the quality has never changed and that made us reach over 200k followers.

The page has got haters, but that has made us even more close to the page and for many reasons this page will still continue and updating Bayern fans.
There were a lot of Bayern Munich fanpages though, but talking about professionalism, they were nowhere near professionalism, and particularly and generally were simply fanboy sites. Basically, nothing special. You could see Real Madrid or Barcelona fanpages growing in big numbers not only because of their funny and hilarious posts, but also a lot more. Where were the Bayern fanpages? Nowhere, basically posting only Bayern fan girl pictures, and some ordinary content.

But a miracle happened and the taboo was broken. On 2 February 2015 a Bayern fanpage was created, a page called Bayern Munchen Is In My DNA. A page that has the "Bayern" in their DNA. There is actually a page who cares about its own fans and works with professionalism and dedication.
Safe to say, the BMH.DNA is the most completed Bayern fanpage, and not because we say it, but there's actually no Bayern fanpage to have ever reached the success BMH.DNA did, have updated Bayern fans with everything, entertained them, have broken records, for example, 27.000 likes in one single post, at the stage of only 6 thousand likes, which is pretty unbelievable for a fanpage who had just started to grow; and of course your pictures being shared by Thiago Alcantara, Holger Badstuber, Medhi Benatia, or Arturo Vidal's official Instagram page, FC Bayern Instagram page, a picture made by yourself, showing faith, believe, hope, desire, a picture which at the beginning comes cold but then in few hours becomes hotter than a volcano, goes as a lava and approaches and touches every single person and building, and in that moment you feel proud that you've done something, that even your own mentors have recognized and saw it. You're proud that your picture is famous now. But this won't come to an end. until a random post is SURPRISINGLY and unexpectedly liked by your own club's legend; Lothar Matthaus. Yep, you saw that well. Oh by the way he also shared one of our posts a year later. That explains everything about our page. ;)

There are some things that make us unique, and we are proud of it. Probably we don't have the popularity that Barcelona and Real Madrid pages have, as they indeed, are far more supported by a large football pages on Facebook, and we often don't get the credit we really deserve from these pages, but we can say that we are proud that we have created this page and our hard work, despite being abused, have reached the limits; we have reached over 200k likes, which are indeed, not bad at all. That makes us even more ambitious. Our ideas and our goals will make this page even bigger.
We worked very hard to reach the top of the Bayern Munich fanpages, hard work pays off, they said. Well said. Through hard work and determination you can achieve everything. And yeah, our hard work paid off and we really achieved many,many incredible and amazing things. We can say by every day that we are proud to have achieved something amazing, but there are more and more days to show that this that we have now can be very little compared to what's coming big in the next minutes, days, weeks, months, years. The list of our amazing achievements is endless. It can't be described in words the awesomeness of this page. This page is love,this page is life. This page is everything Bavarians need. It's not just a page, it's a family, a brotherhood.
200k fans,and more and more fans to come must be and will be proud to be a part of us. Being in this page is a real WONDERLAND, not just a monotonic day experience.

We are proud that we have created this awesome fanpage.
- Mia San Mia!
- Mia San Bayern München Is In My DNA!

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