Proof Fitness

Sports & Fitness Instruction

Proof Fitness is a health and fitness club in Lexington, KY. Change the conversation. BE THE PROOF.

Proof Fitness is a health and fitness club in Lexington, KY. We're changing the conversation about living a healthier life. It’s not just about calories burned. It’s not about punishing yourself. It’s not about working out in order to fit the mold. At Proof Fitness, it’s about breaking the mold. How do you break the mold? You do something different. And Proof Fitness has something different with an all-inclusive Health and Fitness Club.

Health Cafe
Hi-Tech Cardio
Outdoor Training Area
Studio Classes
Personal Training
Youth Sports Performance Training
Functional Dynamic Training Area
Free Weights
Indoor Run, Walk and Sled Track
Modern, Upscale Locker Rooms

Proof Fitness features the most popular studio classes that include BootyBarre, Yoga Heat, TRX, Cross Training, Indorow, Cycle, Heart Rate Training, TKO, Boxing, HIIT, Pilates, Kickboxing and so much more! While highly qualified instructors keep your exercise anything but boring in the studios, our elite personal trainers are setting the gold standard for Lexington.

The amenities at Proof all come together in one beautiful space, cultivating one passionate community of members. The Proof experience that goes far beyond working out. Proof Fitness is about turning "work” into passion – it’s about making that one passion to better your health, better your life and make a better you. That passion we create in each of our members is what makes us.

Your Passion is Our Proof.