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Two bits of news. Good news first. On the tenth, which in two day's time, there will be demonstrations and meetings in both London and in Melbourne, Australia in support of Julian Assange and his fight for liberty and against extradition. So please find out where they are and visit them. And there was one last week that was very successful, that John Pilger spoke at in Sydney, Australia and organized by the Socialist Party, so that's one thing. Julian Assange brings me on to Ecuador. Obviously, the United States are trying to extradite Julian Assange and they're bringing pressure to bear on the new weak very right wing malleable President of Ecuador by threatening to withhold an IMF loan to Ecuador and use that economic muscle to persuade him to renege upon their agreement to give Julian Assanage Ecuadorian nationality, which meant that he could not be extradited and to give him temporary asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. They're also threatening to...not threatening... that's said that they're going to increase the sanctions against the people of Venezuela, on the grounds that the coup has failed so thank goodness the American-led coup to impose a public Government on the people of Venezuela, so far has failed, but the country is still under enormous threat because of the extraordinary financial muscle that the United States can wield in its moves towards regime change. What else... really, really, really bad news is that the US Government has imprisoned Chelsea Manning the great heroic whistleblower who they've already had incarcerated as a punishment for telling the truth to power and finally freed. They've now imprisoned her again this time and they have admitted this to coerce her into speaking to a grand jury behind closed doors in secret in order to accumulate evidence to try Julian Assange for espionage whenever they manage to extradite him from Ecuador. So what can I do, except say Chelsea Manning we're with you wholeheartedly. We support you completely and we'll work unreservedly to get you released from this insane incarceration that the US government is imposed on you and I'm for you. This may sound ridiculous but I'm gonna sing part of the song for you from an album I wrote: Sometimes I stare at the night sky See them stars a billion light years away And it makes me feel small like a bug on a wall Who gives a shit anyway Who gives a shit anyway When World War II was over Though the slate was never wiped clean We could have picked over them broken bones We could have been free But we chose to adhere to abundance We chose the American Dream And oh mistress liberty How we abandoned thee
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