Fanboy Collectibles

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For Some It's A Hobby, To Us It's An Obsession!

We base our business standards according to what we expect and what we know our consumers should expect from us:

Accuracy and information - we will provide as much information as available on an item.
Offer competitive pricing.
Pack and ship the items securely and timely.
Be available for questions, concerns and feedback.

Fanboy Collectibles is our primary business and it is designed to respond to consumers. We are here full-time to respond to you and to get your items shipped out as quickly as possible. When searching for potential retail locations, we focused on speed to consumer. With a post office across the street from our retail location we will be able to ship your order within the same day in most instances, if the order is received before the post office closes or the last pick up for UPS. If it's past those cutoffs, it's going out the next day. Not end of the week, not the next time we make shipping's on the way to you immediately.

Our staff is comprised of expert collectors (some obsessive ones); we stay ahead of the trends and seek to bring you items we know to be of interest. Our experience spans comic books, statues, mini-busts, prop replicas, original comic book art, action figures and even some autographed sports memorabilia. We make our weekly visit to the comic shop on new release day, we love being at comic conventions (with the New York City Comic Con being a favorite), we're the ones that buy our tickets early to go to the midnight openings of all the big movie releases and we frequent all of the major collectibles forums to give our opinions and get into the debates about all those things we love. If all of this is considered geeky - you've come to the right spot.