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Destination Molokai Visitors Bureau is the official tourism marketing organization for the Hawaiian island of Molokai. Follow #visitMolokai

E Komo Mai (Welcome)! Mahalo (thank you) for visiting the official Molokai destination Facebook page.

We hope that this page serves as a valuable resource in helping you learn about what our destination has to offer, as well as connecting you with others around the world who are just as passionate about Molokai. Most of all, we want this to be about you and your connection with Molokai. We invite you to share, engage, and converse with us and the rest of the community! We have a few simple guidelines we humbly ask you to follow when engaging with the community.

Here are some ideas on the types of content that would be appropriate to share on the Molokai Facebook page:

-Your fantastic Molokai photos, videos, and stories...we absolutely love what we've seen so far! Please keep in mind that we occasionally re-share some of these photos to our Timeline.

- Your favorite places to go and things to do when you're on Molokai. Residents, feel free to share your favorite local hangouts.

- Hawaii-themed events that may be happening elsewhere around the world.

- Posts about your upcoming, current, or past vacation on Molokai.

- Questions and requests for advice from others for your Molokai vacation.

- Content and links to your favorite blogs and other websites relating to Molokai as a vacation destination.

Content that would not be appropriate on the Molokai Facebook page include:

- Posts that are commercial in nature (e.g., advertisements)
- Spam. Not the luncheon meat (that's OK!).
- Politically-driven content such as posts about elected officials or prospective political candidates. This also includes content/links to any specific political cause or legislation, regardless of point of view.
- Content that does not show proper respect or consideration for others.
- Content that may be considered likely to offend or provoke others.
- Content that promotes anything illegal.
- Content that may violate others' privacy.

Although we don't foresee this happening much, we do reserve the right to remove any posts or comments at any time, for any reason, in order to keep this page relevant to and appropriate for the community as a whole.

Thank you for considering these guidelines. We hope you find our Facebook content not only insightful...but fun!

Welcome to the community. Aloha!