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In 1991, two remarkable personalities came together to form a boutique, starting from one small exhibition with clothes they felt the modern woman should wear. As luck would have it, many other women agreed and their collection was sold out and a queue would form outside their homes from there onwards, pushing them towards the fashion industry where they would change the way fashion is looked at in Pakistan.

The word Zunn signifies the feminine side: the brand aspires to embody the beauty, elegance and inner strength of the gender.

The original vision was to create a brand that reflects the new confident and self-assured female. Understated elegance was and is their mantra. Adherence to this principal has created a niche which has catapulted Zunn into the international arena with their fashion design and home lifestyle collections.

House of Zunn was developed to provide high quality apparel to its discerning clientele, a project which now includes a nationwide popular Lawn brand, a well-received luxury prêt line and a high end Bridal couture line amongst others that have recently been introduced.

From being the first design house to pioneer different embroidery techniques into lawn collections which they’ve created and designed for over a decade to earning the highest accolades in women empowerment and fashion, the founders of House of Zunn branched out to Furniture and Lifestyle and created yet another behemoth to satisfy the taste of their upper crust clientele. Being trendsetters became a role they easily slipped in to, and many women around Pakistan and internationally would come to enjoy their sophisticated designs, both in their homes and on themselves.

With prominent presence in famous dramas and movies like Humsafar, Bin Roye, to being involved in the country’s first ever complete designer home architectural venture, House of Zunn has witnessed and experienced the best the industry has to offer.

House of Zunn currently features six collections: Bridals, Luxury Couture, Essence (signature luxury prêt) and Whimsicals (fusion partywear), & our New line Zunn Basics are in the heavily detailed embellishments with meticulous attention to detail and high quality tailoring.