Emma King


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Emma King’s remarkable journey has already taken her from England to the USA and back again, touring Europe and receiving 5-star reviews along the way. The only question being: How does such a big voice come from such a petite frame?!...

Emma’s awe-inspiring vocals conduct an uplifting and emotive contemporary Pop sound. With songs touching on themes as big as world peace, change, and self-empowerment, albeit with a delicate personal touch, this is an artist with something to say. Emma’s music will make you feel alive…and you won’t be able to stop tapping your feet either.

2016’s self-titled debut album tapped into the stories and experiences of her 5 years touring the USA, from Nashville, TN to Washington DC and everywhere in between. A record which Blues magazine described as “really something special…sitting mid-point between the gospel Soul of Aretha Franklin and the dirty Blues of Fleetwood Mac.” Maverick Magazine’s Megan Gnad called it ‘a “fierce record; focusing on her powerhouse vocals…pop-tastic hits wrapped up in genuine warmth and honesty.” BBC Radio 2 also gave national airplay to several of the album’s songs...

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