The Snakes on Fire Records

Record Label

The Snakes on Fire Records is a British independent record label based in Norwich founded in September 2016.

Now acting as an Umbrella group too we can help you get your music heard!



Hedra (UK)
SynaptiK (UK)

The Snakes on Fire Ltd
A small independent Metal Label with venom and Fire!
Why the name: We as Artists ourselves noticed that there are a few ‘illegitimate Snakes’ in the Industry constantly stealing from Bands and not giving them the forwarding perch that they deserve, we want to burn those snakes and allow bands to create leaving the required work to us!
The Snakes on Fire records has been developed for the musician, current trends have caused great difficulty in trust and development between new Artists and Record Labels, we hope to build that trust with you and take you to the next level.
We decided as previous Record Label owners that it is important to help as much as possible with funding and development of Artists as much as we can, we give you a flexible approach to your requirement at a budget that is suited to your investment.
Although we cannot offer as much as a major label we can offer you a package that you will be happy with.
We want to get a few bands on our side, to build a community once again and show others that the ‘Band’ is the forefront of any Label and that we are indeed setting fire to those snakes out there!
Why not Sssssssearch around our Website and find out more!

Company Number: 10410329