The Community Church of Christ, Pastor R.A. Cranford

Religious Organization

The Community Church of Christ was originally established on October 3rd, 1980 by Reverend Leslie Smith. Leslie Smith resigned as Pastor in 1993, then returned in 1994 and subsequently resigned the same year.

During the period between 1994 to 2001 Community Church of Christ was without an appointed Pastor. Visiting clergy were brought in weekly to preach\teach thus causing the current membership to dwindle to approximately seven.

In 2002 R.A. Cranford was installed as the Pastor. Over the past 9 years under the direction of Pastor R.A. Cranford, the church has grown tremendously in both numbers and spirit. A number of auxilaries, special programs and ministries have been established including a trustee board, ministerial staff, Christian education department, and a vibrant and substantial music department, which includes a seventy-five voice mass choir.

One of The Community Church of Christ’s strengths is our commitment to our youth in our community. We have successfully established the Young G.U.N.S. ministry (Generals Under New Service) for young men 12-21 years old, the Daughters of Zion ministry (D.O.Z.) for young women 12-21 years old, Send Judah First for boys 12 and under and the Zionettes for girls 12 and under.