Abora Recordings

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Official page for Abora Recordings—the home of many talents—and Abora Chillout. Full catalog: http://abora-recordings.com/releases. Also home to the weekly radio podcast Uplifting Only with Ori Uplift on DI.fm.

Abora's releases cover what may appear to be a wide range of genres—uplifting trance, orchestral uplifting, latin/balearic trance, progressive, chillout, & classical—but what ties many of them together is the distinctive Abora Sound. Uplifting and beautiful. Emotional. Energizing or soothing or anywhere in between.

In the words of SoundLift: "Abora stands for peace, tranquility", fused with energy and excitement, a seemingly impossible combination understandable only by experiencing it.

Abora Recordings LLC has 13 labels/sublabels. These include
- Abora Recordings, Abora Skies, Abora Ascend, Abora Chillout, Abora Symphonic
- Digital Euphoria Recordings [Managed by Type 41]
- Edge EDM Recordings & Edge Vision [Managed by Magnetic Point]
- Driftmoon Audio [Managed by Driftmoon]
- Silent Shore Records [Managed by ReOrder]
- Levitated Music [Managed by Manuel Rocca]
- Ennovate Recordings [Managed by Mhammed El Alami]

In addition to Ori, the A&R team for the Abora labels includes many of the best producers in the world, with New World as A&R Manager, Driftmoon as Chief Engineer, Receptive as Demos Manager, illitheas, and Johannes Fischer for chillout. Abora’s COO is Pascal Gloor.

The music on the 5 Abora labels, especially the Skies, Chillout, and Symphonic labels, is designed to appeal to a broader audience beyond the club, EDM, and Hollywood scenes, including fans of film, classical and world music. In general, Abora tracks, even the most energetic and hardest tracks that might also work in clubs, are generally intended to foster feelings of peace and serenity. In contrast, the non-Abora labels are focused on the club world.
Nonetheless, Abora has had tremendous success in the mainstream trance and club world due to the quality of its music.
Since 2012, Abora has won the Future Favorite on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance 13 times, more than any label except Armin's Armada itself.
It was rated the world’s #8 trance label in the Trance Podium 2014 Awards and was listed as one of the 6 best trance labels by Trance for Infinity.

Selected Sublabels:

ABORA RECORDINGS offers quality orchestral uplifting, balearic, and progressive trance.

ABORA SKIES releases top-quality orchestral uplifting trance designed to appeal to a broader audience extending beyond only the traditional club, EDM, & Hollywood scenes to all people, including fans of film, world, and classical music.

Its releases the very best in emotional and beautiful orchestral uplifting trance, with natural-sounding timbres and long, orchestral, beautiful, and emotional breakdowns.

It aims to take uplifting trance out of only the clubs and festivals in order to provide uplifting and beautiful music for the homes, workplaces, gyms, and playgrounds of people worldwide of all ages, interests, cultures, religions, nations, and walks of life.

ABORA SYMPHONIC PRODUCTIONS will provide music for films scores, corporate events, video games, advertisements, etc, both by excerpting and repackaging breakdowns of trance songs and orchestral mixes and by organizing the composition of new film scores, etc, customized to the customer.

ABORA CHILLOUT is the more laid-back sub-label of Abora Recordings, with much of its music designed to lull you to sleep. Enter a world of big atmospheres and beautiful soundscapes, with relaxation as the key focus.

EDGE EDM RECORDS represents the clubbier side of Abora. Tracks are harder, edgier, sometimes more influenced by tech or electro, and often more acid than the typical Abora style, with a more overriding focus on contemporary dancefloors and EDM festivals.

Tracks suitable for clubs and EDM festivals will continue to be released on Abora Recordings and Abora Skies. But these, especially the latter, will focus on appealing to a broader audience. So the purpose of Edge EDM is to release music that doesn't fit Abora Recordings or Abora Skies but that will be of interest to the club, festival, & general EDM scene.

For more on EDM, please like and visit its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EdgeEDM