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Protecting our great way of Life.
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"Australia - 'Love it, or leave',
is an ALL Aussie page.

We are a:
Community, an Ideology, a family, a band of Brothers/Sisters, a movement, in every way; we stand up for Australia and it's Values and preservation of Our way of Life, in unity.

We support patriotic values and believe in a FAIR GO and freedom of speech.

We post true, non-sugar-coated articles (documented links), in word and pictorial
record, as well as current and concerning news, nationally and globally.

Our core values are to inform, educate and inspire Aussies and migrants alike.

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We are NOT a HATE PAGE, we do, however, take a stance against anything UN-AUSTRALIAN
as well as Islamic teachings (Sharia Law); and laws that DISCRIMINATE and exploit against Aussies,
(such as Halal-Tax) and our way of life.. especially those that are vulnerable, elderly, women and children.

Most importantly, we take a stance against the usurpation of our WESTERN way of life due to the demanding and growing concessions our governments keep agreeing to, in the name of Islam.

The root cause of ISLAM is at issue here, not the individual Muslim.
Given the Unbiased nature of our page, we would ask that you adhere to our guidelines:

1. When the need arises to express your frustration, we ask that you remain on the topic in the post and,
in doing so, critique Islam as a doctrine.
We Love freedom of speech, yet anything can be said without gutter language.

2. No personal attacks.

3. Know, we have a heavy swearing filter that will delete / Hide your comments. As we abide by Facebook's rules, we can only pass these on to you , the audience, if you choose NOT TO follow them, then you will suffer the
consequences, as we will ourself's, if we do not enforce these rules.

We believe in and have the utmost respect for FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It is through this tool that we can spread
awareness and work towards protecting ourselves of the creeping threat of intimidation and control.

We hope that our supporters and fans will gain the confidence and develop the know-how, along with us, to speak up when NO ONE ELSE WILL and to inform other discerning minds by sharing content.

WE DO NOT SUPPORT RACISM , WE DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE , We are here to preserve the Australian way of life, we do not discriminate against race, religion or creed. Yet we stand for preserving our own way of life,
as set out in our Australian constitution and NOT someone else's.

While we welcome debate here it must be kept constructive and fair, we will not tolerate any credible threats of violence made by our viewers, foul language or any content that could be detrimental towards our page, supporters or Admin Staff.

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Australia - 'Love it, or Leave'