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What We Buy and Sell

We will buy and sell almost any item that is in working condition and has a resale value. Items sold should come with the necessary accessories.

The following lists the range of products we buy and sell with examples. The items we buy and sell is NOT limited to the examples. You can contact the individual stores for further clarification if you are not sure about an item you are selling that is not listed here.


Cameras, DSLRs, Viewcams,
Hand Phones, Smart Phones, Tablets, Gadgets
TVs, DVD & Bluray Players (all AV equipment)
Laptops, Desktops (Pentium Dual Core & above)
LCD/LED Monitors, Ext HDD, Fax Machines
Electrical Appliances, Dining-ware, Kitchenware
Decorative Ornaments (crystal, silver, brass, wood, pottery, glass)
Manual Tools, Power-tools (drills, cutters, grinders, hackers, sanders)
Sporting goods (golf, tennis, badminton, gym equipment)
Musical Instruments (strings, woodwinds, percussion, keyboards, brass)
Baby Products, Children’s Toys, Hobby Toys, Collectibles
Bags, Belts, Sunglass, Costume Accessories, Silver Accessories
Watches, Clocks, Writing Equipment