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What first started off as a family business in 17 April 1984, Malaysian Harmony Tour & Travel has come a long way as a company that focused solely on travel ticketing. Initially, the company was an associate to Asia Cathay Travel with only 12 staff working round the clock to accommodate the needs of travelers who wanted to book flights and plan for their vacations.

Today, Malaysian Harmony Tour & Travel has evolved into a full-fledged travel agency which has opened up a world of opportunities for all Malaysians to travel. Well-recognized both locally and globally in the travel industry, the company is driven by its vision to innovate and lead Malaysia’s travel industry, and has continuously surpassed expectations every time.

As a people-driven company, Malaysian Harmony Tour & Travel takes pride in its staff of being accountable, reachable and connected 24-7. With 115 people working together as a close-knit family across diversified sectors, our company is ever-ready to handle controlled segments that form the foundation of a travel agency, namely efficient crisis management, plus maintaining customer satisfaction and confidence. Rest assured that our people are also extremely passionate and enjoy all things travel, and thus are able to recommend the best travel experience anywhere.

One of the forerunners in the travel market, Malaysian Harmony Tour & Travel aims to provide travelers with the opportunity to explore and experience various environments and cultures. We offer a variety of unique vacations and tours from Asia to Europe, Africa to America, World Cruises and even Muslim travel packages, all guaranteed to leave you breathless from the start till the end of your vacation!

让 #星夢郵輪 總裁Mr. Thatcher Brown为大家介绍 #雲頂夢號! Now, President of #DreamCruises, Mr. Thatcher Brown, is going to show you all those fascinating ship features on board #GentingDream 《云顶梦号》优惠 : 4月2日 – 10月7日 香港出发 8天 香港&日本 由 RM2999起 (每逢星期六) 9月2日 和9日每客房额外折扣RM100 5天 香港周末巡游 由 RM2299起 (每逢星期四) 8月31日; 9月7,14和21日每客房额外折扣RM100 12月3日 – 2018 年4月1日 新加坡出发 5晚 泗水-北巴厘 由 RM2939起 (星期日) 5晚 吉隆坡-槟城-普吉岛 由 RM2939起 (星期日) 2晚周末巡游 由 RM1199起(每逢星期五) 《Genting Dream》Promotion : 2 April – 7 October Hong Kong Departure 8 Day Hong Kong & Japan From RM2999 (Every Saturday) 2 & 9 September Extra Discount RM 100 per cabin 5 Day Hong Kong weekend Cruise From RM 2299 ( Every Thursday ) 31 August ; 7, 14 & 21 September Extra Discount RM 100 per cabin 3 December – 1 April 2018 Singapore Departure 5 Nights Surabaya-North Bali ( Sunday ) From RM 2939 5 Nights Kuala Lumpur-Penang-Phuket ( Sunday ) From RM 2939 2 Nights Weekend cruise ( Every Friday ) From RM 1199 ) #云顶梦号 2017夏季航线! 云顶梦号由4月2日 -10月7日将会到访日本最热门岛屿冲绳那霸及宫古岛!大家除了可以一尝冲绳各种古早小吃之外,又可以到被誉为拥有「日本最美沙滩」宫古岛欣赏无敌「宫古蓝」!今个夏天,#星梦邮轮 将与你漫游冲绳。 #云顶梦号 2017冬季航线! #云顶梦号,以新加坡为母港。 新航线探索泰国、印度尼西亚及马来西亚旅游胜地,尽览东南亚醉人景色。 #GentingDream to cruise to Okinawa Japan this Summer! Beginning from 2 April 2017, Genting Dream will visit the idyllic destinations of Naha and Miyakojima in Okinawa. Try out a range of mouth-watering, made-in-Okinawa titbits and take a leisurely stroll on one of Japan’s most beautiful islands – Miyakojima! #GentingDream Home port in Singapore this Winter! Genting Dream will be home-ported in Singapore starting from the end of 2017. This Singapore homeport will open up new ports-of-call for our guests to experience the tropical and urban attractions in the most exciting Asian destinations, namely, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.
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