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In 2015, our (currently inactive) player Miguel ''zuko'' Alverca decided it was time to create his very own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team. Along with José "Zémigo" Costa, ''Tomas'' Carneiro (who are still in the organization), Lugless and Rocas, it was first known as Lollipop Squad, we became TugaDrinks, then to BlackSucuri, until we finally reached our current and final name REVISE.
Since the beggining we've kept only one of the starting roster's players on the team, José "Zémigo" Costa. When Rocas left, Eduard "Edward" Ciurlica filled his place on the Entry-fragger role. When the team's creator Miguel ''zuko'' Alverca left the roster for inactivity, Gabriel "Jkr" Ferreira took his place on the Revise Active Roster as main Rifler. Later in 2016, ''Tomas'' Carneiro left the team and Filipe "Wolf" Carapinha joined to fill the spot for Support for REVISE. Last but not least in early June 2016, Lugless officialy left the team to give his spot to the current Coach, Manager and Lurk of the team, Pedro "NiteZ" Ferreira.
Our team's roster is a fully portuguese mix with ages around 16 and 17 years old. Since the active roster became official, the teams holds a no-loss-record still to be broken.