The Lean Body Coach


After struggling with her own relationship to food, Nik now empowers women to make better choices, be kind to themselves, and live their way to a leaner body. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, PopSugar, Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine

Nik Toth is The Lean Body Coach, who helps women transform their bodies from the inside out with her signature Lean Body Formula.

When she’s not coaching people how to stay lean and healthy all year round in her Lean Body Accelerator 10-week mentoring program, you can find her cooking up an organic storm, doing HIIT training at the beach or sweating it out on her yoga mat.

As a holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, and health coach with over 5 years experience in the health and fitness industry Nik has been featured in Cosmo Bride, the ABC, Rescue, InspiredCOACH magazine, Green Lifestyle, Pink Flamingo and had a regular appearance on 2RRR FM radio’s morning show.

She chose the field of nutritional medicine after experiencing the power of nutrition first hand. Adopting a whole foods-based diet helped her cure the digestive problems, anxiety and stabilized her ever yo-yoing weight.
She began a journey to help others do the same. As her passion grew in nutrition, she
realised how important exercise was for optimal well-being, and decided to expand her knowledge to the field of fitness by becoming a personal trainer.
Her passion is to empower people to create a healthy body they love!

To put herself to the test, over the Nik has competed in an INBA fitness competition, which furthered her knowledge in the human metabolism and body composition.
She is very active and has a large following on social media, and she has published many health articles, recipes and 3 eBooks.

Her first eBook, - The Lean Body Formula: Transform your body from
the inside out in 10 weeks - has become the go-to women’s weight loss